Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Delta Gamma Note Card Design

Anchors Away! New Delta Gamma note card for all of you Dee Gee's out there! What do you think? We would love to get your comments and feedback.

Phi Sigma Rho Note Card Design

Truly Sisters is adding Phi Sigma Rho Note Cards to our on-line product list under Phi Sigma Rho Symbol collection. This new card features Phi Sigma Rho's Sigmand Penguin and is designed in Phi Rho's official sorority colors. Please leave a comment.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

New Zeta Tau Alpha Note Card Design

Here is new note card design that is in the works for Zeta Tau Alpha for 2010. We are currently updating all of the note cards. Truly Sisters invites you to post your comments and ideas about our new cards designs. We would love to hear from you!

Truly Sister Is Now On Blogspot!

I design cute, clever, chic note cards that are perfect to use every day and to give as gifts. Truly Sisters was born when my daughter asked me to design note cards so she could write letters to the girls that were being initiated into her Kappa Alpha Theta chapter. She specifically wanted something “different” than what was currently available at her campus bookstore and local Greek shop. Enthusiastically, I developed several designs that were a huge hit with the new initiates, current actives, and many of the alumni mothers. Because I was unable to decide on a single design that I liked best, every card pack includes an assortment of four designs (2 each for a total of 8 cards). Every Quote Note Card pack features 8 uniquely exceptional designs and quotes.
Green is one of our favorite colors at Truly Sisters. We’ve worked hard to ensure our cards are not only stylish, but eco-conscious. We’re concerned about minimizing our impact to the earth. From using recycled paper and eco-friendly digital printing, to manufacturing Truly Sisters’ cards at FSC certified printing facilities, we do our part to protect the environment.
As a Delta Zeta who was initiated in 1978, I still have my scrapbook filled with many memories of my time spent at the sorority. I consider the notes and letters written to me during pledging, initiation (and just because…) meaningful reminders of sisterhood. As a photographer, I have been designing cards for many years. It was a lot of fun to develop the many different designs that you see here on our website. We all know that you can email a message in mere seconds, stationery isn’t the necessity that it once was…I see stationery as having a special place in our technological world. There is nothing like dropping a note to a special friend or sister. We have everything that you need to send the perfect message that will become your sister’s cherished keepsake.
Truly Sisters stationery products are just right for every day and every sorority occasion, with card styles that are fun, original, and modern. It is my hope that you will enjoy all of the cards shown and will use a Truly Sisters card to deliver your own unforgettable message to the special new pledges, your new little sis, your wonderful big sis, and at initiation…or surprise your sister with a note to brighten her day. It wouldn’t hurt to send a nice note to your house mother as well!